Easy Engagement Process

Our engagement process is simple and straightforward. If you know what you want and need it procured. We discuss the need, go find all the options, present them, you select your preferred solution, we order it, and then manage all the steps from testing through turn-up, perform a first bill review and then an overall post-sale performance review.

Not sure where to begin

If you are not sure what you want or need, then you simply give us a call or send us an inquiry. We will schedule a technology interview and discovery call. On this call we will listen and then listen some more. Together we will identify if we can help and then together, put the appropriate plan and steps in place.

We will never blow you up

There are no sales calls. We do not sell you anything other than our ability to A. Find exactly what you want from every available and viable supplier. B. Reliably and consistently present those findings using all the tools and experience at our disposal. C. Help guide your decision, procure it, and then help manage the multitude of post procurement processes.

Building trust and confidence

If we do our job correctly, we become a trusted member of your IT team offering you and your team the assurance and peace of mind your day is not clouded and bogged down with tracking down carriers, sales reps, emails, proposals, or waiting on hold, and alike for answers, quotes, and paperwork. This, while you pay less and get more. Including the peace of mind that consistent reliable and knowledgeable help is just a call or email away. Never again should you have to hear the words; “Can I have your account number please.”

100% Risk free with zero obligation

Together we will discover if we can help and then together, put the appropriate plan and steps in place to move forward. If we cannot offer a clear value proposition or it is simply not a fit, we can often guide you to those who may be. That still fills a need, still results in a positive experience, and therefore we might get another shot at the next need. Still no obligation, just free and transparent information.