How Far We Go and How Deep We Dig for Our Clients

Finding network and solutions for clients is what we do. We look farther, we dig deeper, and we don’t just stop there, we provide what we call the full sourcing and procurement wrap. Here is an example.

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Pending FCC Ruling on MDU/MTE's

The FCC is going to rule on MTE’s (Multi-Tenant Environments) FCC Docket 17-142. This ruling will effect both business (commercial buildings) and consumers alike. As you might expect, all stakeholders have weighed in on both sides of this issue.

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Is Account Consolidation also known as Aggregation for Everyone?

All aggregation of some form or another is good, so for me, It is never a matter of if, but simply a matter of what, how, when, and with who. That said, there is a tremendous amount of work and research that needs to be performed to find the right answers.

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The Private Equity Express Train

The roll-up trains have left the station, and many are on an express route no longer stopping at every station. Trains (plural) because all the routes are different, all the passengers are different, and yet all the destinations remain the same, namely, the customers doorstep, or more appropriately, their desktop.

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MOReCOMM Solutions Enters Into Master Agency Agreement with TCG

MOReCOMM Solutions has entered into a Master Agency Agreement with (TCG) Telecom Consulting Group, one of the Nations Largest Technology Solutions Brokerages. TCG is based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL with over 31 years of experience managing IT Advisor’s and Channel Partners Supplier Agreement Portfolios and providing first-in-class back office support sourcing and provisioning. “I’ve worked with TCG for over 20 years and trust their agreements, their people, and their process” – Jay Morris, President and CEO. “The TCG Team is excited to assist MOReCOMM Solutions growth and deliver first-in-class support for their clients” – Dan Pirigyi – Partner/CEO 

When Technology Brands Align with a Retailers Brand and Image. Are You Thinking Inside This Box?

During a resent trip to Aventura Mall in Miami to pick up a present at Tiffany’s, I was pleased to experience a true example of a retailers clear and purposeful desire to ensure their company brand was complimented if not lifted, by everything in the store not stamped with a Tiffany Logo on it.

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CampusLink Communications - A look back with pride in shaping the communications infrastructure for one of America's finest intuitions.

This is sacred ground for me professionally. in 1993, only months after Bob Schwartz and I co-founded Campuslink, we walked into the U.S. Military Academy at West Point Auditorium to pitch our Company and our technology vision for this 200 year old Campus

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