MOReCOMM Solutions means exactly that;

“More Communications Solutions”.

We are 100% supplier and carrier agnostic. We have over 30 years of experience designing, building, and implementing technology solutions for small to medium sized Enterprise clients. This ranges from identifying, procuring, staging, and managing the cutover of a single circuit for a remote or HQ location to thousands of locations nationwide for primary and secondary network connections that might include circuits, routers, firewalls, SD-WAN, Hosted Voice and/or SIP trunking, SMS, and Managed Services just to name a few.

We always lead with best-of-breed, yet we can present all available options, you decide, or we help you decide, either way, you are always in control of the decision making process. We are your advocate and your representative, we work for you, we take our instructions from you, we in essence, report to you. We do everything that you would expect your own staff to do, except rely on you to compensate us for our services.

In addition, not only do we not bill you, or expect payment from our clients for our services, MOReCOMM accepts less compensation from suppliers whenever possible and passes that back to our clients in the form of greater discounts that other Agencies and Consulting practices simply do not offer.

In short, you receive.

  • Complete Transparency
  • No Technology Supplier Gaps
  • 100% Guaranteed Savings
  • No risk and no commitment
  • Post procurement support
  • Plus, an additional 5% to 10% savings over and above any customary savings