Jay is a fellow executive with strong business leadership and a great business acumen. Jay has a great sense of understanding business needs, solving problems and knowing how the market will evolve and how to position any business for the future. I have worked with Jay throughout his career, he comes highly recommended.

Walter WongCEO / 514

During my tenure in managing out of territory services for Cincinnati Bell, Jay and I worked together to evaluate key partnerships designed to provide top tier service delivery to our joint customers. I view Jay as one of the industries foremost authorities and subject matter expert in the area of sales, marketing, operations, and interconnect agreements. in the Enterprise Multi-Location consolidation and technology migration space, he is widely respected as the Industry SME. His personality, his tenacity and general awareness of the market equipped him to be the reputable go to guy.

Mike WaggonerExecutive at Zendesk

For those of you who don't know Jay, he's kind of a full solution visionary in that he has a remarkable ability to understand the full spectrum of requirements for a multi-location business and then match any customer's unique needs to the perfect combination of products and services. When you look at Jay’s entire career, he has helped to develop and shape the Enterprise multi-location aggregation business model

Dan BaldwinExecutive Director TA


You and your team have been absolutely incredible at delivering circuits, customer service, follow-up etc. We have deeply enjoyed this new relationship and look forward to working closely together with you and your team in the future.

We are very happy with all of the services you have been able to bring us and your team makes it easy. Have a great Monday and know that you are appreciated.

Jacob KurtzDirector, Keystone Solutions